The school campus is integral to the town of Uppingham, uniting historic buildings and modern facilities to create a unique environment where pupils can flourish.

The school buildings, integrated throughout the beautiful market town of Uppingham and its immediate surrounds, provide sanctuary, warmth and exceptional facilities for learning, exploration and expression.

Pupils are surrounded every day by architectural beauty, natural splendour and breath-taking modern amenities. 

At the core of the school is the main quadrangle, bordered by the chapel and the splendid Victorian architecture of School House, the school tower and Colonnade. At the far end of town is the stunning Western Quad, hosting state-of-the-art science, art, sports and theatre facilities in a modern £40m campus – which was short-listed for the prestigious Stirling Award for architecture. Then there are the diverse houses, from contemporary homes embracing the latest thinking in biophilic design, to welcoming townhouses redolent with history, and the tranquil hill houses set in 19th-century Victorian country homes. 

Uppingham School is a place of architectural contrasts, of tradition and modernity harmoniously intertwined; it is a large estate that is an intrinsic part of the historic market town – a place where pupils are free to explore the world beyond school as responsible citizens, in an environment of safety and support.

Through significant investments in our buildings and facilities over recent years, we have always sought to integrate the new with the old, and to uphold an identity that is uniquely Uppingham. Our campus is a place of bold ambition that celebrates its illustrious past while always building with foresight and optimism for the future – creating an environment that pupils will cherish and value throughout their school years, and remember with fondness for life.