Our exciting programme of tours and expeditions provides unforgettable experiences for pupils – enriching their lives and expanding their capabilities, aptitudes and interests.

Travelling to new places, experiencing different cultures, trying out new activities and challenging yourself to venture beyond your normal frames of reference are all life-enhancing experiences. We recognise the immense value of these explorations, and we offer pupils a vast range of opportunities to experience the world outside Uppingham.

There are educational trips, field trips, training camps for the Combined Cadet Force, Duke of Edinburgh's Award expeditions, sporting tours and charitable volunteering opportunities at home and abroad. 

Our academic departments organise ambitious tours and expeditions that take our pupils all around the globe. These vary from year to year, but recent examples include a mountaineering trip to Nepal, a Classics tour to Greece, an arts and theatre tour of New York and the US East coast, a History trip to Russia, an Economics and Business tour to Beijing and Shanghai, a choir tour to Italy and a Science trip to Florida. 

These are just some of the highlights of the wide-ranging trips and tours available during the school holidays. They are supplemented by many more weekend and day trips throughout the year. 

All of these trips and experiences are designed to challenge, inform and motivate our pupils; to take them out of their comfort zones and help them to discover new personal interests and capabilities. They are at the centre of our drive to develop confident, enthusiastic and compassionate young people. The skills and aptitudes they develop as a result – from time management and logistical planning to empathy and fortitude – will stay with them for life, enhancing their health, well-being and ultimately their value to society.