Uppingham Theatre provides life-changing experiences for our pupils, enriching the cultural and social life of the school – as well as the wider community. 

Uppingham Theatre offers outstanding facilities and an industry-standard environment, where pupils are inspired to explore their expressive and creative capabilities to the full. Our stunning performance spaces include a 300-seat proscenium arch theatre, and an adjoining 160-seat black box drama studio (The Williams Studio).

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The theatre is a place where pupils feel welcomed, safe and accepted – where they are free to be themselves, without inhibition or judgement. It’s a place for everyone.

Whatever their skills or aspirations, all pupils have a starring role to play – whether as performers, directors, lighting technicians, sound engineers, front-of-house hosts or any of the myriad disciplines involved in producing a successful show. 

Every aspect of staging our shows is pupil-led, and we never cease to be amazed by their achievements. Pupils have the opportunity to get involved in a wide variety of plays and musicals throughout the year, from whole-school shows to house productions and Sixth Form plays. 

The professional standard of these shows is testament to our pupils’ talent, adaptability, enthusiasm and sheer determination. Thanks to them, our theatre is widely renowned for the excellence of its productions, and our shows play a significant role in the cultural life of both the school and the wider community.

Participation in music, drama and all aspects of theatrical production is a bonding experience like no other. It is at the heart of our identity as a school, and part of the gel that binds us together as a community. 

Theatrical Productions

Macbeth, June 2023
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Manderley, March 2023

Based on Daphne du Maurier's gothic novel 'Rebecca', Uppingham Theatre's original production of 'Manderley' used a unique, immersive physical theatre style to transform the Theatre into the sprawling mansion of Mr and Mrs De Winter.

The plot centres around Mr De Winter, his new wife, and his deceased first wife, Rebecca, who haunts the manor house.

The audience chose their own path to follow, each person experiencing something completely different. See a small preview of the experience in the film below.


Beautiful Burnout, February 2022
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Working - A Musical, December 2021
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The Tempest, June 2021
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Oliver!, March 2020
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