To appreciate fully what makes Uppingham distinctive and to experience the special environment we provide, there’s no substitute for visiting the School.

There are a number of ways to do this, and many prospective families like to explore what Uppingham has to offer on more than one visit. 

Visiting Days

We host a number of separate Visiting Days for entry into the Fourth Form (Year 9) and the Sixth Form (Year 12) throughout the year. These Visiting Days offer an excellent introduction to the School, particularly for those who have not been here before. We intend to run these from September with restricted numbers.

Our Visiting Days begin at 9.30am with coffee in the Memorial Hall, where there is a chance to meet the Headmaster, the Director of Admissions, other senior staff, a number of pupils, housemasters and housemistresses.

After the Headmaster’s address at 10.00am sharp, there is a tour of the School lasting an hour, followed by visits to two of the houses that are open for the day. Usually, two boys’ houses and two girls’ houses are open, and parents and prospective pupils are free to visit any combination of these.

Refreshments and snacks are available at the conclusion of the tours during which time the Director of Admissions talks about the application process and other staff are available to meet. The day concludes by 1.00pm.

For entry into the Fourth Form, Visiting Days are open to families with children aged nine or ten, in Years 5 and 6 (the two year groups that precede our entrance pre-tests in Year 7). Visiting Days for these cohorts are available each term.

Our upcoming Visiting Days for entry into the Fourth Form are as follows. (There remains the chance that these dates may be subject to change.)

  • Saturday 9 March 2024
  • Saturday 20 April 2024

Potential Sixth Form candidates attend a Visiting Day either in the summer term of Year 10 (the first year of their GCSEs) or in the autumn term of Year 11 (at the start of their final GCSE year) – before taking tests in October or November for entry in the following academic year. 

Our upcoming Visiting Days for entry into the Sixth Form are as follows. (There remains the chance that these dates may be subject to change.)

  • Saturday 27 April 2024

If you would like to attend one of our Visiting Days, please book your place by completing the form below.

Booking Form

Personal Visits

The Admissions Department is pleased to arrange visits on any day in term (Monday to Saturday). Please try to give us at least one week’s notice. Such visits can include a meeting with the Director of Admissions, Charlie Bostock, and a tour of the School with one of our pupils. Typically, a visit would take in two of our houses, with opportunities to meet the housemaster or housemistress.

Although lunch, usually taken in one of the Houses, is not currently available, the visit offers an excellent opportunity to sample the environment and ask questions of pupils and staff. We can also arrange a meeting with either the Headmaster or the Deputy Head, on request. Such visits are best arranged by contacting the Admissions Department by emailing [email protected].