In the award-winning Leonardo Centre, pupils have the freedom to experiment with art and design, to develop independence and to explore their own creative identities.

Experimentation and risk-taking are absolutely fundamental to creative exploration at Uppingham. In the open and welcoming environment of the Leonardo Centre, we urge pupils to flex their creativity without limitation.

We recognise the significance of the creative disciplines in all aspects of pupils’ lives – at school and beyond. Most importantly, we want creativity to be fun – to bring joy to our pupils’ lives; we want them to delight in expressing their ideas and imagination with passion and confidence. On a practical level, the creative disciplines open doors to so many careers.

The creative sector is growing faster than any other industry in the UK, and we want our pupils to take their place among the next generation of celebrated artists and designers.

To help pupils to explore their creative possibilities to the full, we provide the very best working spaces, resources and tuition – with teachers who are themselves practising artists and designers. Pupils learn to refine their artistic skills as well as their problem-solving capabilities – using their hands to manipulate materials and develop practical solutions to real-world challenges.

Within the Leonardo Centre, we have exceptional teaching spaces, professional-standard studio areas and fully equipped design technology workshops. The resources available include 3D printing, CAD design and laser cutting technology, ceramics and sculpture studios, photography, sound and video engineering studios, a fully equipped fashion and textile studio, and specialist resistant-materials workshops. The centre is open for all pupils to use whenever they wish, seven days a week.

Cross-discipline collaboration is vital to expose pupils to the broadest possible experience of fine art, textiles and design technology. We offer many clubs that enable pupils to sample diverse creative practices, from textiles, printmaking and life drawing to photography, materials handling and the application of advanced design technologies.

The creative arts contribute to the richness of life in the Uppingham community. In our exceptional gallery space, we host regular art exhibitions and design shows, and welcome visiting artists, designers, curators, sculptors and other leading practitioners to inspire and energise our creative young minds. 

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