Entry at 13+ 

Late applications to the School can often be considered.

You should only register for a late application after contacting the School to find out if there are places available. Such candidates are then assessed for offer either by the pre-tests in Year 7 or non-common entrance tests in Year 8.

Some families may wish to go through the registration and testing process to gain a place on the School’s waiting list. Such decisions should be made following advice from the admissions office.

Entry at 16+ 

Late applications can be made on an ad-hoc basis, if space permits.

Enquiries should be made to the admissions department. Whilst late scholarship applications cannot generally be considered, candidates can sit the standard entry tests. 
Some candidates can also apply very late in the summer, from June to August, either just before or just after receiving their GCSE grades. For candidates who exceed the three ‘7’s and three ‘6’s tariff, entrance is by interview and reference only, if we have space to consider them.