Constables (13+ girls)

Constables is the smallest girls’ house, creating a sense of warmth and community. The house has a rich and varied history; it was built in 1834 as the local workhouse and used as a hospital during the Great War, before becoming part of the school as a boys’ house in 1926. In 2006, with coeducation flourishing, it was converted into a girls’ house, and is now home to 52 girls aged 13 to 18. The house is perfectly positioned beside the western quad, a few steps from the exceptional sports, art and design, theatre and science facilities.

The house has a feeling of space and openness, thanks to its views over the Leicester playing fields, which can be enjoyed from the sanctuary of its beautiful private garden. 

The recently redeveloped accommodation incorporates extensive common areas for games, TV, cooking and socialising. Fourth Form pupils sleep in dormitories of two or four and share studies in pairs. During the two GCSE years, pupils share double bedsits, while all Sixth Form pupils have individual bedsits.

Housemistress: Katherine Hanrahan
Katherine took charge of Constables in August 2019. She was educated at Methodist College Belfast and has a degree in Maths from Bristol University. She took her PGCE at Cambridge and has been working at Uppingham as a Maths teacher since 2012. During that time, she has been a resident tutor in The Lodge, and a tutor in Lorne House. Her passions include music, sports, reading, comedy, good cheese – and strong cups of coffee.

Katherine is married to Dr Sammy Hanrahan, who is also a tutor in Constables. They have two children, Ted and Aoife, and a dog called Dave.