Musical studies reflect the full spectrum of human emotion and experience; pupils of all abilities are empowered to engage with this life-affirming art form. 

The academic Music department is passionate about broadening and deepening our pupils’ understanding and appreciation of music – at all levels. The wide scope of our Music courses empowers pupils of all abilities – whether or not they consider themselves to be musical – to develop their creative, performing, analytical and critical abilities.

The Music curriculum is structured around the three key skills of performing, composing and listening/appraising – and the interrelationship between them.

Studying Music gives pupils the opportunity to cultivate an exceptionally wide set of skills, and to experiment with styles and genres beyond their personal comfort zones.

In the first year (Fourth Form), pupils engage with a variety of musical styles and genres, ranging from samba and jazz to music technology and film music. The GCSE course is similarly broad in scope. As well as exploring music written in diverse styles, pupils perform and compose music according to their own strengths and interests. For their compositions, pupils can use the department’s extensive music technology facilities, while the performing element of the course is led by our impressive team of visiting Music teachers. 

The department offers both Music and Music Technology at A level. The former is most appropriate for pupils whose interests lie with classical music and jazz, while Music Technology suits those who wish to develop studio production and creative technology skills.

Pupils’ work in Music is enhanced by the school’s exceptional provision of extra-curricular music, ranging from choirs, orchestras and swing bands to music technology sessions. Pupils also enjoy plentiful opportunities to hear professional performances at the highest level, both within Uppingham and beyond.

Each year, many pupils choose to pursue Music in higher education. Recently, a substantial number have secured places at conservatoires, or have gone on to study Music or Music Technology at university.