For boarders, when choosing a house, parents and pupils may initially consider geographic factors. Some may wish to be close to the ‘hub’ of the School in the centre of Uppingham; others might like to be a short distance away.

Parents usually visit up to five houses before coming to a decision. Most parents and pupils can often judge which house ‘feels right’ for them, although the majority also comment that “we’d be very happy with any of them”. 

Usually, visitors see two houses on their first visit and might well see two more on a second visit as they refine their options. Separate visits to explore additional houses can also be arranged.

Boys’ Houses 

The boys’ houses fall into three geographically located groups: 

1. The four ‘Town Houses’ at the hub of the School, situated between the Main School and the Western Quad

2. The two ‘Country Houses’, situated to the north of the Main School

3. The three ‘Hill Houses’, located to the south of the School close to the Middle playing fields

Boys registering for Fourth Form (Year 9) entry can be registered for a specific house. However, we aim to limit the numbers from any particular feeder school to two per year group, and also to limit the number non-English-speaking pupils in a house to one per language group per year. 

Girls’ Houses 

The five houses for girls aged 13 to 18 form something of an arc around the Main School and Western Campus. They are:

In addition, The Lodge is a Sixth Form entry house situated next door to Samworths’.

For entry at 13, girls’ preferences are stated once the pre-tests have been completed and offers made at the age of 11.

Day Pupils (in The Day House)

The majority of Uppingham’s day pupils will be members of the new co-educational Day House, set centrally, just off High Street West. Day applicants will be automatically allocated to this house.

Day-in-boarding Pupils (in a boarding house)

There are a limited number of places for day pupils to be a pupil in our 15 boarding houses. These candidates should be registered for day-in-boarding on the registration form. A house preference can be stated, but because not all boarding houses have day places available every year, availability should be discussed with admissions staff.