Fives enjoys an exalted place in the annals of Uppingham School sport, teaching pupils to play with dexterity and guile, as well as integrity and respect.

Uppingham School has a prolific history in Eton Fives, placing it among the country’s leading proponents of the sport. As a game with no referee, fives demands the utmost integrity on court, requiring pupils to play competitively but with respect.

It’s a lively, fun and energetic sport played by both boys and girls. Fives challenges pupils’ dexterity, reactions and guile, making it an extremely popular sport for cricketers during the winter months.

Four Uppingham pupils recently achieved the world record for the longest game of Eton Fives, at 40hrs 2 mins – cementing the game’s place in the annals of Uppingham sporting history.


Fives coaching is led by James Holroyd, a former national semi-finalist, who learned to play whilst at school himself.


The school has four superb fives courts, which are covered at the back to provide excellent playing conditions throughout the winter. There are also two courts attached to Brooklands House.


Pupils play regular fixtures against Shrewsbury, Ipswich, Berkhamsted and Oakham, as well as competing in the national championships at Eton each year. We also host ‘The Thring Trophy’ at Uppingham, which aims to bring young and aspiring players into the game. In our local Oakham vs Uppingham fixture, pupils compete for the ‘Challenge Cup’.