Pupils studying Chemistry explore the whole history of scientific endeavour and gain a unique perspective on our future possibilities.

Modern Chemistry is fundamental to an understanding of our world, from both a natural and industrial viewpoint, and even influences our comprehension of the wider universe. It encompasses the full scope of scientific discovery – from biotechnology and medicinal sciences to nanotechnology and quantum mechanics.

On their journey through Chemistry, pupils will delve into the quantum realm of sub-atomic particles and molecular interactions, and learn how intermolecular forces influence the composite materials that shape our modern lives. They will discover the vital role Chemistry plays in our understanding of human biology, through the development of therapeutic solutions to debilitating illnesses.

As the chemists of the future, pupils may be instrumental in steering our planet from environmental catastrophe, and may hold the solutions to our future societal problems.

The Chemistry department aims to embed a deeper understanding of these contemporary issues, inspiring pupils with a sense of responsibility and the knowledge to make informed decisions that could positively influence our future.

Pupils enjoy extensive practical learning and experimentation in Chemistry, ensuring they develop a complete understanding of the subject. They test theories, apply models, assess hypotheses and generate data through laboratory-based experiments.

Chemistry is a subject that rewards inquisitive minds and intellectual curiosity, and we strive to expose pupils to the latest developments, so that their experience is contextually relevant and enriching.

The Chemistry department is keen to provide opportunities beyond the classroom. We have an impressive track record in international Chemistry competitions, such as the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad and the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge paper for the Sixth form. Younger students can compete in the Royal Society of Chemistry Top of the Bench competition. 

Chemistry is a subject that opens doors to a plethora of higher education opportunities, from directly linked courses such as Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Biochemistry and Material Science to less obvious options, such as Law, Accountancy and Economics.