As well as the talks, lectures and workshops, the Headmaster, Chaplain, Director of Admissions and several other members of staff are happy to preach in schools.

Uppingham Housemasters and Housemistresses are also available to visit to talk about the transition to senior schools.

To enquire about these opportunities, please contact Charles Welch ([email protected] or 01572 820745), who would also be delighted to co-ordinate a visit to Uppingham for members of your staff, alongside any requests related to any aspect of the Uppingham sporting provision.

Unless otherwise specified, all activities marked 'Workshop' will take place at Uppingham School.

Academic VisitsHeads of DepartmentOur Heads of Department will happily visit to adjudicate competitions, discuss academic transfer matters or provide extension sessions.
20th Century History

Jim Reddy
History Department

Jim offers an interactive historical experience in a 20th Century topic of your choice (by discussion).
A journey through the periodic table

Rob King
Head of Science

Rob will provide an illustrated tour through some of his favourite chemical elements, discuss their unique chemistry and share some of their useful everyday applications.
A taste of the Antarctic or Polar Bears and the Arctic

Richard Boston
OU Association

Tales from one of Uppingham’s most intrepid travellers.
A time traveller’s guide to Medieval Britain

James Birch
History Department

James takes a light-hearted look at some serious Medieval History!
Biology Today

Clare Pemberton
Biology Department

Clare will be delighted to offer a presentation on any biological topic of your choice (by discussion).
Business and economic insights for Years 6-8

Gareth Hook
Head of Economics and Business

In this activity-based experience, Gareth will explore what truly drives the global worlds of Business and Economics and how we might use it all to our advantage. (This can be done as a single year group, or through the combining of year groups, and tailored accordingly).
Classical Mythology

Dan Addis
Head of Classics

A discussion of where and how we come across Classical Myths today, looking at poetry, pottery, architecture and more, with a fun creative flourish.
Common Entrance Physics Revision Session

Steve Allen
Physics Department

Steve has been teaching physics at Uppingham for 34 years and marking CE papers for the same length of time. Put his experience to good use!
Debating and Public Speaking

Nafeesa Abdul-Karim
Head of English

A workshop designed to develop your oracy, argumentation and public speaking. The programme will be interactive and culminate in a British Parliamentary debate.
Hakawati - Arabic Story Telling

Nafeesa Abdul-Karim
Head of English

Get immersed in stories, through the traditional art of Arabic storytelling. This is a fantastic and new opportunity to examine and experience global literature in a multi-sensory workshop.
How do we know the big bang happened?

David Boyce
Physics Department

In an artefact driven talk, David takes us through the scientific evidence for the beginning of time and follows the story of how we found out that the Universe began with an explosion 14 billion years ago.
Latin Poetry

Dan Addis
Head of Classics

Looking at the different ways we can translate Latin poetry, discussion of the nature of Love and the differences between the Romans and today.
Notable Young Adult and Children's Literature - From Romance to Realism

Jo Sergeant
Director of Libraries and Learning Resources

Jo would be delighted to showcase this year's Carnegie Medal contenders and exciting new library releases for Years 6-8, either in Uppingham's historic Library or by visiting your school.
Our future in space

David Boyce
Physics Department

David looks at space exploration, past, present and future with a focus on current developments in spaceflight. An audio-visual delight!
People saving the planet

Andrew Huxter
Geography Department

An exploration into the range of ways that people are actively trying to resolve some of the most pressing global issues we face today. What’s your role?
Physics Workshop

Emma Ellis
Head of Physics

A member of the Physics department will be delighted to run a workshop on a mutually agreed topic aligning with current teaching.
Politics is not boring!

Toby Makhzangi
Politics Department

Toby will delight in demonstrating just how the subject is relevant to our everyday lives no matter of age!
Pythagoras: Hero or villain?

Katherine Hanrahan
Mathematics Department

Pythagoras’ Theorem is one of the most famous mathematical theorems, but what do we actually know about Pythagoras? How did he prove that his theorem worked for all right-angled triangles? Why did he have an irrational falling out with Hippasus of Metapontum? And why didn’t he eat beans?! The answers to these questions and many more will be answered in a talk that mixes mathematics, philosophy and history.
The Classical World

Sam Dewhurst
Classics Department

Sam will be pleased to offer one of his specialist lectures: 'An Introduction to Ancient Philosophy’, ‘Gory Roman Deaths’ or ‘A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome’.
The Human Journey

Kyi Muller
Biology Department

How have humans evolved, were there other human like species and what makes us who we are today?
The Ice Age

Tom Davies
Head of Geography

What would it be like if the world was plunged into an ice age again? Find out with Tom’s exciting insight into climatic changes of the past and future.
University Challenge of your own!

David Kirk
Head of History of Art

Staff v pupils, boys v girls, parents v staff, inter-school challenges…we have all the gear (electronic scoreboards, buzzers etc), all the questions, and will come to your school to run your own contest.


Art, Design and Textiles
Design Workshop*

Harry Harrison
Head of Design and Technoology

A fun and exciting workshop session that will introduce you into the world of design and how we create products in the Leonardo Centre. 
Paintings that tell a story

David Kirk
Head of History of Art

David will be delighted to deliver a talk on any of the following subjects: Van Gogh, Hogarth, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling or Gauguin.
Textiles Workshop: Fashion Future

Megan Boyce
Head of Textiles

An exciting introduction to Fashion Design, focusing on how clothing goes from a concept, through to research, into fashion illustrations. In this workshop, you'll develop your fashion illustration skills responding to an exciting design brief.

*To take place at Uppingham School.

Performance Shakespeare

English Department

An opportunity to perform Shakespeare’s most compelling scenes. We will examine duologues and monologues, and respond to them through performance.
Workshop: Improvisational Theatre and Clowning

Tom Tolond
Drama Department

A 90-minute workshop that will explore the basics of improvisational comedy, clowning in pairs, and unlocking playfulness and silliness in drama. Tom will be delighted to visit your school to develop collaborative improvisation work with a variety of imaginative activities and games. 
Workshop: Mastering Movement*

James Holroyd
Drama Department

In this exciting and physical workshop, James will focus on the importance of movement within theatre. 

*To take place at Uppingham School.

General Interest
A talk from the pulpit or lecturn

Uppingham Staff

Our staff would welcome the opportunity to visit your school to deliver talks in Chapel services or assemblies. Our admissions department will be able to recommend a member of staff based on your requirements and areas of interest.
Fly fishing and fly tyingClive Simmons
Director of the Leonardo Centre
Clive is a passionate fisherman and will hold workshops on fishing and fly tying at your school or at Uppingham.
Indoor Archery*Shovaughn Webster
Head of Archery
Shovaughn offers a 60-minute novice session – no experience is necessary. The activity can be tailored to the abilities of the group. Up to 12 pupils at a time, under the supervision of their teacher.
Indoor Climbing*David Boyce
Head of Climbing
Come and experience high thrills and adventure on our climbing wall. David, our Head of Climbing and qualified climbing wall instructor, offers a 60-minute novice session - no previous experience is necessary. The activity can be tailored to the abilities of the group. Up to 10 pupils at a time, under the supervision of their teacher.
MindfulnessTom Hollyer
Geography and Wellbeing Departments
An introductory session outlining what mindfulness is and how it can proactively improve the wellbeing and mental health of young people.
Play Golf Across the World - in Uppingham!*Keven Johnstone
Head of Golf
Uppingham has a state-of-the-art golf simulator and an adjacent putting, warm-up, and social area. The simulator has over 200 fully mapped golf courses from around the world, with multi-directional movement and three types of hitting mats portraying fairway, rough and sand bunker conditions to provide the most realistic and immersive game possible. Schools are welcome to bring a small group (4-6) of keen golfers to sample this fantastic experience.
Teamwork and Leadership through the CCF*

Major Andrew Huxter
Contingent Commander and Housemaster

Lt. Chrissy Breakwell
CCF Officer and Housemistress

A chance to experience what the CCF offers at Uppingham through various activities that can be tailored to suit the group. These could include target sports, teamwork tasks and field craft tactics and skills. The activity will be hosted at Uppingham in the summer term.
Wellbeing - The Importance of Understanding Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships

Richard Hannigan
Director of Wellbeing

Richard offers a talk or workshop appropriate for years 6, 7 and 8. In line with statutory guidance around Relationships and Sex Education, the talk or workshop can cover any one of the topics related and be adapted to the needs of the school.

*To take place at Uppingham School.


With an experienced department of professional performers and Conservatoire professors, our five Heads of Faculty and Director of Music are available to lead inspiring masterclasses tailored to your musical needs.  We are also available to direct ensembles, give live performances, and adjudicate competitions.   

Andrew Kennedy
Director of Music

Professional Operatic Tenor, Former Young Artist, Royal Opera House Covent Garden, BBC New Generation Artist and Winner of the Lieder Prize in the 2005 Cardiff Singer of the World.

Andrew Webster
Assistant Director of Music: Instrumental

Professor of Clarinet at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, member of the Britten Sinfonia and the Principal Clarinet of the London Concert Orchestra.
Michał Ćwiżewicz
Head of Strings
Violin professor at the Royal College of Music, member of the Minerva Piano Trio, the violin duo Ćwiżewicz Brothers, Concertmaster and Co-director of the Górecki Chamber Orchestra, Director of the Ognisko Chamber Ensemble.

David Revels
Head of Singing

Experienced Choral singer, Operatic Tenor and singing teacher – Former Head of Vocal Studies and Performances, Morley College, London.

Simon Smith
Head of Keyboard

Experienced teacher and accompanist. Has performed widely across the UK including performances at the Wigmore Hall and Purcell Room.

Will Smith
Head of Jazz, Pop and Music Technology

Experienced classroom teacher, freelance bassist and keyboard player.  Runs jazz improvisation and music production workshops.