Pupils taking their first steps beyond Uppingham are guided and supported at every stage by experienced higher education and careers specialists.

The experiences, education and opportunities we provide at Uppingham create wonderfully rounded, bright, curious and engaged individuals who are ready to venture out into the world and build for themselves a fulfilling future. They are thoughtful young people with the capacity to celebrate and influence the wider world, fortified by the values and attitudes that were forged at school. 

To help each pupil choose a path that is right for them, we offer comprehensive and expert support as they take their first steps beyond Uppingham.

Whether pupils want to explore the possibilities of academic or vocational studies at university – in the UK or overseas – or whether they have designs on a career in medicine or ambitions to win a place at Oxbridge, we have the expertise to launch them successfully on their way. 

Higher Education

We encourage pupils to start thinking seriously about their future plans in the Upper Fifth, as they narrow down their A level choices. Then, throughout the Sixth Form, we provide a carefully planned programme of advice on university options, both in the UK and overseas, alternatives to university, such as degree apprenticeships, and career opportunities.

Pupils can seek support from their tutors, housemasters or housemistresses, as well as from specialists in many vocational areas, and our own professional careers adviser.

During the Lower Sixth, pupils are encouraged to research university and career options online, visit institutions and examine prospectuses and other sources of information. All of this leads up to applying for university in the first term of the Upper Sixth. The onus is on pupils to prepare successful applications, but staff are always ready to advise on completing the appropriate forms.

Overseas Universities

There is growing interest among pupils in studying abroad. Recently, Uppinghamians have secured places at overseas institutions including the University of Chicago, NYU, Dartmouth, Rice, University of California, Berkeley, University of Virginia, Delft Institute (Netherlands), Bocconi (Milan), Sciences Po (Paris) and IE (Madrid) to name but a few.

We have a member of staff who specialises in advising on overseas applications, and we have external advisers who provide support for US application tests.

We ensure all pupils are aware of the opportunities available for overseas study, and those interested are encouraged to attend conferences to meet the institutions face-to-face. Some universities also visit Uppingham to meet our pupils.

Oxbridge Admissions

Uppingham pupils have an excellent record of success with entry to Oxford and Cambridge. During the Lower Sixth, we advise relevant pupils of their potential for Oxbridge entry, and ensure they engage fully with the additional enrichment opportunities offered by academic departments. These pupils are closely monitored by a member of staff responsible for Oxbridge applications.

Pupils attend presentations by admissions tutors and go to visit the universities.

These academically able pupils are expected to take much of the initiative themselves, as well as taking advantage of the mentoring provided by academic departments in their specific subjects.

Prospective Oxbridge candidates can join a reading party in the Peak District in the first week of July, which provides focus and momentum for the start of the summer holiday. In the autumn term, we offer a full programme of support for candidates preparing for Oxbridge tests and interviews.

Medical Studies 

We are exceptionally proud of the many pupils who choose to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary science after Uppingham. To give them the best chance of success, we help potential medical students with everything from recommended reading and interview preparation to support with choosing the right medical school.

Applications to study medicine at university are highly competitive, so we advise interested pupils to join the ‘HACC’ (highly academic and competitive courses) group, which is organised by our Oxbridge co-ordinator. The same applies to those wishing to study veterinary science and dentistry.

Pupils applying for dentistry or veterinary science follow the same process and timings as medical students, although the requirements differ and the advice and support we provide are tailored appropriately.

Relevant subject teachers can advise pupils about studying medicine, but the main advice will come from our member of staff overseeing medicine – currently Dr Pemberton. She has been involved with medical applications for many years and has extensive knowledge of the application and interview procedures.