Taking a year out between school and university can be an extremely rewarding, valuable and even life-changing experience for many pupils.

A gap year gives pupils a fresh perspective on the world. It enables them to explore their strengths, passions and capabilities, to overcome challenges and discover new experiences that can shape their view of the world – and their place in it. 

It's essential that any gap year is well planned and organised, so that pupils optimise their time and gain experiences that are valuable and fulfilling. Many universities and employers view gap years very favourably, as they recognise the enriching and character-shaping benefits of exploration, travel and self-discovery. Some companies, including Deloitte and KMPG, even offer very attractive paid work experience gap programmes.

For a successful gap year, it is vital that pupils thoroughly research all the options available. There are so many possibilities, including joining an expedition, studying or working abroad, learning to be a ski instructor, trekking the Pyrenees, working in the UK or volunteering abroad.

A gap year can last for up to 15 months – from the June, when A levels are completed, through to autumn the following year, when university starts. Any length of time can provide pupils with a chance to find out the difference between studying and earning a living, enable them to travel around the world, acquire new skills, learn or perfect a foreign language, and do voluntary work to help other people.

In addition to the comprehensive GAP websites available online, we can provide advice and support to any Sixth Form pupils wishing to pursue a gap year.

We also host gap year fairs each year, attended by representatives from various organisations.