Studying diverse philosophical, religious and ethical ideas helps pupils to develop tolerance and respect, and shapes their understanding of the world around them.

Philosophy and Religious Studies (PRS) is a popular subject. We encourage pupils to explore issues in philosophy, theology and ethics, and to develop a critical approach to thinking about religious and moral questions. 

This process starts in the Fourth Form with a wide-ranging foundation course, which begins to nurture pupils’ critical thinking skills. Pupils benefit from being surrounded by like-minded individuals to challenge and question their ideas, and much class time is devoted to discussion and debate. 

At IGCSE, the RS course follows themes in philosophy and ethics, focusing on Christianity and Islam. Classroom studies are supplemented by trips to mosques and pilgrimage sites, and pupils particularly relish the discursive nature of the course.

The exam results achieved in recent years have been superb. 

The Sixth Form course is very popular. The emphasis here is on developing the ability to evaluate and challenge a great variety of ideas, enabling pupils to formulate opinions on issues that have been debated for centuries. The breadth of the course allows pupils to pursue their personal areas of interest. By studying the founding fathers of philosophy, our pupils come away with a vast and comprehensive understanding of intellectual and religious thought. Many of our Sixth Formers attend the Living Philosopher’s Society, where they explore the work of those contributing to the subject today. 

The department enjoys close relationships with PRS departments at other schools, which enables us to offer a stimulating range of seminars and lectures throughout the year. Pupils have the opportunity to hear from pioneers in their fields, and to exchange ideas with those studying the subject at other schools.