Prospective pupils may be registered for admission at any age.

You can fill in our registration form and pay the registration fee of £200 online. Registration should be supported by a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Please note any further overseas candidates seeking entry to the school in 2024 should first check if there is any space available with the Director of Admissions before completing the registration form. Space for overseas families is now very limited indeed. You can reach Charlie Bostock by email on [email protected].

Registration for boys’ houses

The date of registration is the key factor determining the house that a pupil will join. Boys can be registered against a house at the time of registration, subject to availability and fulfilment of the criteria detailed below.

Registration for girls’ houses

Given the smaller number of girls’ houses, girls are allocated to houses once offers have been made. House choices are made at the point of an offer. Houses are allocated in order of registration date, subject to space and the other parameters listed below.

House allocation parameters 

When pupils are added to house lists, a number of parameters are considered. We give priority to candidates with siblings in the house. We try to avoid having more than two pupils from the same school in a house year group, and we aim to limit the number of pupils who do not have English as a first language to one per language group, per year. 
For entry into the Sixth Form or into the Lower Fifth (Year 10), there is only limited opportunity to choose a house – much depends on where there are spaces and the existing house configurations. 

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