With the acceleration of globalisation - media, economies, climate change, policies, tech - the ability to speak to others in their native tongue is of significant importance.

Our pupils learn not only how to master languages other than English but gain deep cultural understanding and insights that will prove invaluable to themselves and their fellow global citizens.

We teach French, Spanish and Mandarin in our purpose-built Languages Centre. Our language teachers have international experience, and use cutting-edge technology to promote cultural awareness and communication skills, which are valuable in so many aspects of a pupil’s development. 

Most first year (Fourth Form) pupils study French and one or two other languages from those on offer. Up to three Modern Languages can be taken at IGCSE. In the Sixth Form, the same choice is available, and half of the pupils studying languages take more than one language at A level.

All Sixth Form linguists benefit from conversation classes in groups of two with our permanent language assistants, helping to hone their verbal communication skills. 

At IGCSE and A level, the most able pupils are stretched by the DELF-DALF Diploma in French, and the DELE Diploma series in Spanish. Pupils also have access to our databases, audio-visual and ICT equipment, and the faculty library. 

The faculty offers a wide-ranging extra-curricular programme, including social evenings, pupil exchanges, study visits and visiting speakers from international businesses and overseas institutions – helping to reinforce the importance of languages in the real world.

Individuals with a second language will always be attractive to employers, and language skills can be a prerequisite for some managerial and law careers. Uppingham pupils who study Modern Languages regularly find their way to Oxford, Cambridge and other prestigious universities, and go on to study and work abroad.