Each year scholarships are awarded to children of exceptional talent joining the School into the Fourth Form (13+, Year 9) or joining the School at Sixth Form level (16+, Year 12).

Scholarship awards may be made either for evidence of a high level of attainment and promise or exceptional specialist aptitude. Candidates are assessed through test, examination or observation, interview and reference.

Uppingham is proud of its moral and charitable commitment to widening participation in the School. To do so, we use as much of our funding as we can to enable as many young people as possible to benefit from an Uppingham education.

For that reason, non means-tested scholarships would not ordinarily exceed 5% of the fees. Larger scholarship awards are made on the basis of financial need, which means that any scholarship award can be supplemented up to 110% of the school fees through a means-tested award.

At Uppingham a candidate may only hold one scholarship award at any one time so that they can specialise in their area of talent. This does not preclude them from participating in other areas of school life, however, the rich additional provision of each of our scholarship programmes requires pupils to manage their time judiciously within their field of expertise.

Uppingham awards scholarships to candidates who show excellence in the following fields: Academic, Music, Art, TextilesDesign and Technology, Sport, Drama and All Rounder (The Thring Award, 13+ only). 

All candidates must be registered with the School prior to entering the scholarship process. Candidates are not permitted to sit scholarships in more than two disciplines.

Scholarship Dates

13+ Entry

Fourth Form Scholarship Dates for 2024 entry
ScholarshipApplication DeadlineExamination Dates
Academic15 January 202426 - 27 February 2024
Art, Textiles, Design & Technology15 January 20244 March 2024
Drama15 January 20247 March 2024
Music15 January 202429, 30 and 31 January, 1 February 2024
Sport1 October 2023
15 January 2024 for agreed late applications
14 November 2023
Thring 15 January 20246 and 8 March 2024 (candidates attend on one day only) 

16+ Entry

Sixth Form Scholarship Dates for 2024 entry
ScholarshipApplication DeadlineExamination Dates
Academic1 October 202331 October 2023
Art, Design & Technology1 October 202330 and 31 October, 1 November 2023
Drama1 October 202330 and 31 October 2023
Music1 October 202330 October to 2 November 2023
Sport1 October 202331 October 2023

Scholarship Application Forms

Academic Scholarships

Academic awards are made at 13+ and 16+ to candidates who distinguish themselves in the Scholarship examination.  At 16+ candidates should be expecting to achieve '9' grades in most of their GCSEs and certainly in the subjects they are considering at A level. They will be aiming for A level grades commensurate with the level required for applications to a top university.

The 13+ Scholarship has a new structure for candidates looking to join the School in 2024. Full details are available in the scholarship brochure and candidates are encouraged to familiarise themselves fully with the new format.

Fourth Form (Year 9) Scholarships


Sixth Form (Year 12) Scholarships



Art/Textiles/Design & Technology Scholarships

Awards in Art/Textiles/Design and Technology are made annually to candidates who distinguish themselves in our scholarship examination. At 16+ candidates should be expecting to achieve A* grades at GCSE level and be motivated and confident in a range of media. Portfolio work will be expected to contain evidence of creative endeavours outside the confines of GCSE coursework.

Fourth Form (Year 9) Scholarships

Sixth Form Scholarships


Drama Scholarships

Drama and Technical Scholarships are available for 13+ and 16+ candidates. Drama Scholarships will be awarded to those candidates who have a passion for the theatre combined with outstanding acting ability or raw potential.

In return, we offer teaching and guidance from dedicated staff that have a wealth of experience. Applicants are expected to make a full and active contribution to the dramatic life of the school, by taking a leading role in theatrical productions and having a genuine interest in the Theatre and Theatre work. There is the expectation that Sixth Form scholars will study Drama as an academic subject at A-level.

Fourth Form (Year 9) Scholarships

Sixth Form Scholarships

Music Scholarships

Each year, we make a significant investment in scholarships and bursaries for Music Scholars (in some cases up to 100% of school fees), and many of our pupils go on to study music at leading universities or conservatoires. Successful applicants are offered free Alexander Technique lessons, assigned an in-house music department tutor and given free instrumental tuition on up to three instruments (the third awarded at the discretion of the Director of Music).

Wherever possible, we like to meet and build relationships with young musicians from an early stage of their musical development through informal advice auditions. This allows us to build a broader understanding of each candidate’s musical interest and strengths, and gives us a clearer idea of their scholarship potential. We also offer taster days, which include free consultation lessons with our specialist teachers and the opportunity to meet some of our current music scholars.

Fourth Form (Year 9) Scholarships

Sixth Form Scholarships

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships are offered to candidates who demonstrate exceptional talent and potential in sport, and who can contribute to the life of a seven day a week boarding community through high sporting achievement.  

Potential sport scholars are expected to be of county standard or equivalent in their chosen sport(s) and, at 13+, to achieve a strong common entrance pass or to perform at an equivalent level in the common academic scholarship examinations or in Uppingham’s non-common entrance Tests. At Sixth Form, candidates must obtain a minimum three ‘7s’ and three ‘6s’ at GCSE.

Fourth Form (Year 9) Scholarships

Sixth Form Scholarships

Thring Scholarships (13+, Year 9 only)

Thring Scholarships are offered to candidates who possess qualities, skills and characteristics that make them stand out from their peers. Underpinned by their passion and ambition for school life, they will bring something special to Uppingham. They will be immediately recognisable as a young person who is both willing and able to take the lead, and in doing so can engage with, and set an outstanding example to those around them. This breadth of qualities may already be reflected in a position of responsibility that the candidate holds at their current school, or their existing Head may consider that a boy or girl has the clear and definitive potential to become a Thring Scholar.


Where a family’s financial means leaves them unable to afford a place at Uppingham they may be eligible to receive support via a means tested bursary.

To initiate access to assessment of such need, families should be familiar with the Bursaries Policy and contact the Director of Admissions, Charlie Bostock, to request a Blue Form (bursary application form).

All candidates seeking a bursary should be registered with the School and need to fulfil the same entrance criteria as described elsewhere.

Bursaries Policy | PDF