We know that children who feel healthy, happy and safe perform at their best. As a school that prides itself on providing a fully rounded education, our pastoral care systems are at the heart of the way we nurture the individual qualities, aptitudes and personalities of every pupil.

Every staff member at Uppingham has a pastoral role – from teachers, housemasters and housemistresses to matrons, cooks and counsellors. With the support of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and other specialists, we create a web of care that supports pupils throughout their time at school – helping them to navigate the emotional and physical complexities of teenage life. 

Our disciplinary systems are integral to our pastoral support structures, providing pupils with clear expectations. We strive to address problems before they arise – and to provide compassionate care when it’s needed most. In our family-orientated boarding environment, there is constant formal and informal interaction between pupils and adults, creating a sense of mutual care, respect and trust.

Pupils know there is always someone for them to turn to whenever they have concerns, doubts or questions. 

Such an approach to pastoral care helps pupils to build the confidence and resilience they need to cope with life’s ups and downs – and to find balance in a world of ever-changing pressures and distractions.