Studying Politics gives pupils the awareness, understanding and insight to analyse current affairs, debate controversial issues and develop informed opinions. 

The Politics department encourages pupils to question established practices and conventions, and to be fully informed about contemporary events around the world. Pupils studying Politics at A level must be prepared to keep abreast of current affairs on both sides of the Atlantic, and to read around the subject in their own time.

The Politics A level course spans a broad range of topics in UK and US politics, as well as political philosophy. Pupils develop an understanding of the constitutions, legislatures, executives and judiciaries of the UK and the US. They appraise different political parties, pressure groups and civil rights groups, and are introduced to the ideologies of liberalism, socialism, conservatism and feminism. 

Political studies at Uppingham are relevant and up to date – we explore current issues and today’s politicians, asking what they are doing, why they are doing it, and the consequences of their actions. We’re analytical too. We give pupils the tools and understanding to look behind the headlines, and to make up their own minds about controversial issues. 

We also seek to stretch pupils beyond the A level curriculum.

Each year, pupils visit the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court, where they often meet MPs and lobby journalists. There is a biennial trip to the US, taking in Philadelphia, Gettysburg, New Orleans and Washington DC. Previous trips have included visits to the National Rifle Association, a Senator’s office, a talk from the UK Embassy, and the State department.

Our Politics Society frequently welcomes distinguished speakers from across the political spectrum. We have hosted leaders of political parties, Cabinet ministers, campaigners from pressure groups, and a President of the UK Supreme Court.

To build on their experiences of politics, pupils are encouraged to speak in chapel, and take part in lively debates.

Many of our pupils apply for Politics-related higher education courses in the UK and abroad. Through a structured reading and seminar programme, we actively support pupils aspiring to places at the more competitive universities.