With more than 800 full boarders and staff living at school, we carefully consider every minute of every day of the week.

Our day is shaped by the value that we place on an all-round education. Our week is structured to provide balance and fulfilment, enabling all our pupils to make the most of all the opportunities available to them.

On Monday to Friday, the school day starts formally at 08.15 with registration in the Houses. The entire school congregates in Chapel four days a week. Lessons are typically 55 minutes long, with morning break at 10.45 and lunch at 13.20.

Lessons, games, and co-curricular activities are integrated into the day. For boarders, prep starts at 19.00, after supper. Some society meetings, music, theatre and the Upper Sixth Club take place in the evenings.

Saturday lessons finish at 11.30. Lunch is at 13.00, with an afternoon of games, theatre rehearsals and plenty of opportunity for pupils to pursue other interests. Pupils lie in on Sundays, and after Chapel can participate in House or School activities or make the most of our facilities.

Day pupils

For children who live locally, being a day pupil offers the perfect blend of a truly expansive and holistic education with the flexibility of returning home every day.

From September 2024, there will be two types of day places at Uppingham: Day, and Day-in-Boarding.

Day Offering

Day pupils are members of our Day House, which is open from 07.30 until 19.00 Monday to Friday, and from 08.00 to 18.00 on Saturday. Their house becomes a home-away-from-home, where they relax, refuel and study. They follow the same stimulating timetable as boarders during the day.

A continental breakfast is provided daily in the house before registration. Pupils register with their tutors in House at 08.15. They have lunch together, as a whole House, in the main Buttery. Eating together as a House is an important feature of our pastoral care.

At the end of the day, pupils can choose to go home after lessons and enrichment activities (18.00) or after supervised Prep (18.00-19.00) in their House.

On occasion, when there are events happening for a whole year group, the House Parent will operate ‘late house’ when the House will remain open later than normal.

On Saturday mornings lessons end at 11.30 and, after lunch (which is provided) there is a full sporting programme in which all pupils are involved. Day pupils may leave after their sporting commitments have ended. The House opens at 08.00 and closes at 18.00.

Day pupils are not expected to attend school on Sundays unless there are group or School activities to engage with.

Day-in-Boarding Offering

There are a very limited number of places for day pupils in our boarding houses. Day-in-boarding pupils are fully integrated into boarding house life. Their House becomes their second home, where they eat, relax and study. They have their own private study space with desk and lockers, and return to their family home at the end of each day to sleep.

Day-in-boarding pupils can choose to have breakfast in their house before the formal start of school at 08.15. Lunch and supper are also served in the house. At the end of the day, pupils can choose to go home after lessons and enrichment activities (18.00) or they can stay for supper (18.20-19.00), prep (19.00-20.45) and evening activities (finished by 22.00).

Saturday lessons finish at 11.30. An informal lunch is at 13.00, followed by an afternoon of games and plenty of opportunity to pursue their other interests. Day-in-boarding pupils are not expected to attend school on Sundays but are welcome to take part in activities or House events that are happening.