Through sport and physical activity, we aim to develop transferable skills and build the foundations for a lifetime of health and wellbeing. 

Participation in sport helps to develop valuable skills for life – from adaptability and resilience to cooperation and mental agility.

Sport at Uppingham is for everyone, at all levels of ability and competition. 

Through sport and physical activity, the PE department strives to discover and develop the best in every individual. Pupils have access to truly exceptional facilities in our superb sports centre, extensive playing fields and outdoor courts.

The dedicated coaches in the PE department teach a wide range of sports to all pupils through curriculum lessons. These include individual, team and creative sports, which develop transferable skills for life and nurture physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral development.

All Fourth Form pupils receive an excellent grounding in skills, tactics and fitness from fully qualified staff across the range of sports. By teaching everything from basic skills and tactics to more advanced game play, we aim to challenge, stretch and excite pupils through sport. For Fifth Form pupils, we offer GCSE PE and BTEC Sport, which focus on studying sport through various disciplines, such as sports science – including anatomy and physiology – psychology, socio-cultural studies and personal performance.

These qualifications can lead to a variety of higher education courses in the spheres of coaching, leisure, sports science, management and education.

The PE department is heavily involved in running and coaching a wide range of sports within the school’s sports programme. As well as offering formal coaching in these sessions, our staff run clubs that are open to all pupils in a variety of sports. All of our sporting efforts are driven by values, not results. We champion the ability to play sport creatively, with intelligence and passion, and we promote the skills and behaviours required for leadership and teamwork.