We help pupils to explore the myriad opportunities in the ever-changing world of work – and equip them to excel in whatever path they choose.

By the time pupils leave Uppingham, they are supremely well-qualified individuals who have the confidence, compassion and creativity they need to make the most of every opportunity – and to play their part in shaping the fast-changing world of the 21st-century. 

To give pupils a head start on their journey towards a fulfilling and rewarding career, we provide comprehensive and thoughtful careers information and advice throughout the school.

When pupils arrive at Uppingham in their first year, we ensure they are aware of the extensive careers resources available to them. In the Lower Fifth, pupils have designated careers lessons as part of our innovative Life Skills programme, which includes an introduction to the Careers Library in the Thring Centre.

Upper Fifth pupils complete a questionnaire and profile test*, after which they are interviewed by an adviser from MyFutureChoice (www.myfuturechoice.com). Pupils then have the opportunity to research the career ideas and areas of interest highlighted by their report, before making their Sixth Form choices. They also have the opportunity to discuss career interests and possibilities with the school’s own careers adviser.

In the Lower Sixth, we encourage pupils to explore different career areas. Throughout the year we arrange careers activities, workshops and seminars, which help initiate and complement the process of applying to higher education. This work continues in the Upper Sixth, with career taster days, CV preparation, interview technique sessions and information on gap years. At any stage, pupils can request an individual interview with our careers adviser to steer them along the right path.

Work experience is an excellent way for pupils to sample different careers or areas of interest.

We encourage pupils to initiate work experience opportunities through friends, family or other contacts, where possible. Many choose to do this during the summer holidays after the Upper Fifth or Lower Sixth. Pupils in the Sixth Form are also involved in a management and leadership conference and careers conventions, which are held annually.

The school has excellent links with the armed forces, and we host presentations and interviews with the Careers Liaison Officers from the Army, Navy and RAF. 

* MyFutureChoice Preview Careers Selection Programme and Aptitude Tests.