Challenging and engaging lessons instil a deep understanding of mathematical principles and applications, while building core reasoning and analytical skills for life. 

We believe everyone is a mathematician. With encouragement in a supportive yet challenging environment, we know that pupils can surpass their expectations. Maths is the means by which we find patterns and structure in the world. It is at the heart of a well-rounded education, with an influence extending far beyond specific curriculum knowledge.

By studying Maths, our pupils develop reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills that are essential for success in so many facets of life.

We want everyone to progress and to feel confident learning Mathematics. Our teaching aims to demonstrate that Maths is supremely relevant to every-day life, but also that it underpins many of the things we take for granted in today’s world. Our teaching methods involve appropriately challenging lessons, using a variety of classroom approaches, relevant examples and the latest technology. We promote collaboration, discussion and active classroom engagement. In Sixth Form lessons, pupils are set problems to solve in groups and asked to lead presentations to explain their ideas.

Outside the classroom, we’re keen to promote a life-long love of Mathematics. Our top mathematicians join the Leighton Group, which offers weekly sessions with a mentor tackling advanced problems beyond the syllabus. The UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) organises challenges that allow pupils to explore problem solving and apply their subject knowledge in different contexts. We have enjoyed considerable success in these challenges in recent years. Our pupils have won numerous gold, silver and bronze awards in both the Senior and Intermediate Maths Challenges, and some have even progressed to the British Maths Olympiad and the Maths Olympiad for Girls. 

Pupils gain excellent results at IGCSE in Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, and at A level in Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Maths is an excellent course to study for future employability; it can be combined with so many other disciplines, and opens doors to a wide variety of careers.