Physics is a practical subject. Our aim at Uppingham is to teach as much of the subject as possible through experimental exploration – in all five years. That’s how we engage and excite pupils about the principles and application of Physics, and its importance in unlocking the wonders of the universe.

Pupils have access to a wide range of apparatus to support their exploration of Physics. This includes the latest in virtual oscilloscopes and digital video cameras, as well as traditional equipment to study the classical ideas that form the basis of the subject. Our teaching is similarly diverse, embracing modern techniques such as mathematical modelling to help develop pupils’ understanding of complex phenomena.

The school also has several telescopes, including a 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain, which are available for use by interested pupils.

We teach the two-year Physics IGCSE course across all three of the Lower School years, allowing plenty of time for practical work. Both years of the A level Physics course include experimental coursework tasks. 

In the first year (Fourth Form), all pupils study IGCSE Physics as part of their Science carrousel. In the Fifth Form, they can decide whether to continue with Physics as an option. In the Sixth Form, we offer a popular A level course, which is very well supported with online resources. It offers pupils the perfect foundation for careers in physics and engineering, as well as useful knowledge for many other careers, such as finance, architecture and education. 

The Physics department plays an important role in the various scientific societies in school, hosting visiting speakers, discussion groups and quiz nights. We provide individual or small group extension classes at all levels. Our pupils also enter the British Physics Olympiad competitions in the Upper Fifth, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth – and many have achieved Gold Awards at all levels.