Royal Astronomical Society Award for Dr David Boyce
Achievement Physics 1

The Royal Astronomical Society has announced that the 2023 winner of the RAS Secondary Education Award is Dr David Boyce.

Dr Boyce is a member of Uppingham’s Physics Department, who during his time at the School, and in his previous roles, has worked tirelessly and passionately both with other subject leaders and learners to advocate the use of practical astronomy in the classroom. 

Dr Boyce’s commitment to promoting astronomy and physical sciences within the local and international community has been evident throughout his career, creating a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

As one of the most followed physics teachers on #EduTwitter, Dr Boyce uses his influence to continually push for further astronomy education in schools. His YouTube channel features videos that show how to bring practical elements of astronomy into academic lessons. His GSCE and A level online resources were used extensively during the coronavirus lockdowns in his Uppingham lessons and by other teachers across the country, and continue to be valued and appreciated by pupils and educators nationwide.

A Space Club, which Dr Boyce created at a previous school, now runs in more than 15 schools across the UK and was celebrated at the 2018 IoP Rugby meeting. In recent years, he has worked to get surplus telescopes from astronomical societies into state schools in Leicester and Leicestershire. His involvement in astronomy is life-long, having been a member of Leicester Astronomical Society in his youth, and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society whilst a professional astronomer.

He has also assisted the East Midlands Institute of Physics Group in creating the ‘I am a Physicist’ Girl Guiding badge, which has now been awarded more than 20,000 times to Guides across the country.

For these reasons, Dr David Boyce is awarded the RAS Secondary Education Award, 2023.

Uppingham’s Head of Science, Mr Rob King, commented, “this is a stunning achievement, and a true reflection of the dedication, enthusiasm and passion that Dr Boyce has for science, and astronomy in particular. It is truly deserved.”

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